Monday, 24 December 2012

November is Gold

The 11th installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES....i know its a bit late but i have been crazy busy with work and with decorating our bedroom so here is number 11 and i still stick to my word that number 12 will be posted before the year is out...with some festive photos included!
November is Gold...

At least thats how it felt to me...

 It seemed a shame that something so delicate and beautiful was locked away behind a slab of glass. All i wanted was to feel it.
It was believed that this sculpture was made of a Goddess who was caught unawares whilst bathing in the nude. Her vulnerability is what made me see her beauty.
"November is too early for all this Christmas stuff". I hear that alot but i do not agree. I cant get enough of Christmas and seeing this sight in Covent Garden made me smile and feel very warm indeed.
Graduation day and i took a zillion pictures of my face. Not through vanity but through worry that i wouldnt look just right in those awkward proffesional photos that my grandparents just had to have.
 Graduation day is a day to look smart. But looking smart does not mean looking boring in my books.
As i skipped through an empty Winchester high street it felt like the very sad ending of a very happy time. However, the feeling that greater things were to come also showed its head.
In November 2012 Benjamin and I celebrated his 22nd birthday. On birthdays i love to fill the wrapping paper or gift bag with annoying little sequins. This time it was gold stars. And yes they hurt if they get stuck in your carpet and you tread on one but they also make you chuckle and remind you of your wonderful birthday that year!

My best friend lives in London...well he's back and forth but whenever i visit him there he makes me feel like im lost. I only know my way up and down Oxford Street and he takes me down all these little back routes that i never knew existed. I love that he does this because i regain my love for London and its beautiful architecture.

It was cold and it was raining but i just had to get my picture with the first christmas tree i saw in 2012 :)

I would rather live in Cornwall the London. It is too crazy and fast for me. I do love to visit every now and then though and when i do i am an actual tourist.

It was freezing cold but the sky didnt realise and kept its lovely blue sheen as if it were a hot summers day in August.

The first time i went to the British Museum was in November 2012 (that i remember anyways) and it was wonderful. The building itself was enough of an attraction but the gems it hid inside were awe inspiring.

Benjamin is my biggest fan. At least he makes me feel that way. He always makes me feel like he is proud of me no matter what i do and when i graduated i got a few lovely well done cards but Benjamins was my favourite and still stands firmly on my shelf because it is so cute and funny and just so me.

As we jetted off to Mallorca the sky looked amazing. We floated over the scariest looking rain clouds but the pink and yellow wisps made it all seem ok.
Peace&Love xxx


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