Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"I'm Blue daba dee daba dyyy"

Hey Hey Hey!
Soooo, today as i am sat here with my January 2013 issue of Company (my fav mag) and a mug of green tea, that is now definitely yellow because i may have squeezed too much lemon into it *zingy*, i decided something.
I have decided that i love to blog so, so much and that means i should be blogging more often. In a way up until now i have felt like i dont want to bother people too much with my ramblings but i guess if you didnt wana read it you dont have to. And so, because i love it so much.....and also because Company's "do you speak blog" guide says "d is for daily...if you're not posting every day...you're a part timer" *GASPS*. I do not wish to be a "part-timer!"
And so here is my outfit of the day (which is the O in said Company guide) and is also something i promised when i uploaded my A/W'12 HAUL....for those of you who remember here are my lovely blue floral paint leggings and minty fresh knit :)

I realise here that it looks like my shoes are too big...awk....they're not! I promise lol i think it must've been the way my foot was placed :S

Yes i am obsessed with Company Magazine and as always i love reading your comments so lemme know what ya think, ask away if you wana know where something is from and also do you think i should be posting more often?
Peace, Love and a youtube link to the song quoted in my title :D

"Yo listen up! Heres a story about a little guy who lives in a blue world".....


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  1. You look SO nice! x


  2. you are a sweetheart! Thank you sooo much :) xx



  4. you are too kind Georgina :) thank you! xx