Thursday, 6 December 2012

August is White

"August is White" is the 8th installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES during which i took and edited 10-15 photos that summed up how that month felt to me. I hope to have all 12 parts finished and uploaded by the end of the year...
August is least thats how it felt to me...
The sun seemed to be already drawing in on early evenings and the wind seemed to be already getting cooler....
I felt as though i was on a one woman mission to keep summer alive until at least the end of the month and so proceeded to have my shoulders bare and my sunglasses big...
The olympics came to London with a big old bang and i was fortunate enough to have a performance piece of mine noticed by some influential people. I asked two great performers, who are also dear friends of mine, to perform "Fashion Rejects" with me, in the costumes i designed and made and they said yes. Off we went to the Olympic park....
August was filled with love. Benjamin and I were only a month away from going on our dream holiday to Florida and the scrimping and gyming were kicked into overdrive.
Orchids are a peaceful flower and my mum has a way of placing them around the house in spots that always get the warmest mellow sunlight. For this, i am grateful as it means beautiful photographs ensue.
It was this act that cemented my love for costume design. Everywhere we went we were asked about the costumes and i loved every second of praise that i recieved when i explained that it was all me. I love to perform and i have a great passion for street art. Performing at the Olympics in London was something i shall never forget.
I often find white flowers the most beautiful. I think thats because they always look so delicate and pure. Especially when they are in amongst a flourry of wild colours.
This photograph was not taken on my best camera but i have a love for it that is different to other photographs. Anyone that knows me well knows i love anything old fashioned. I love the clothes my grandparents wore when they were young and mischievous. I love the way people "courted"one another back then and i especially love the old photographs that captured it all. This, looks to me, like it has the same quality as those old photos i love so much.
One lonely little blossom on a very grey day.
Looking smart and proffesional certainly doesnt mean looking dull and boring.
Backstage at the Olympic gig after our first run with the crowds and i was exhausted. The heat was so powerful that you could see waves in the air and there was nowhere to hide. Just a desert of concrete and a need to entertain.
Snuggles with my old boy Alfie to see August out. September brings much excitement to my body...
Peace&Love xx
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