Wednesday, 14 November 2012

May is Green

May is least thats how it felt to me....

My garden became a meadow....
Flowers morphed into love hearts with tear drops hanging off them. The love hearts queued and waited for something exciting to happen...
Slices of cake grew to the overwhelming size of the projects i had to juggle....
I contemplated shaving one side of my head. I decided against it, choosing to pin my hair back on one side and ultimately have my cake and eat it too...
May was green but it was also hazy. The warm sunshine engulfed me in the conservatory where i like to snuggle up and read...
Purple is an odd colour. It is both warm and cold, both bright and dark. I like the colour purple...especially as a lipstick shade.
It is an odd feeling, working on your final group project at University, it is a lot of hard work but also a lot of great fun and a chance to be creative is one i love to take.
 I love this playsuit. It is casual and comfy and simple and easy to wear. It was also a downight steal at the price i paid for it. However, I do not love the pockets on this playsuit. Today i felt like an idiot. As i put on the playsuit i love and glared at the pockets i hate in the mirror i thought it would be smart to cut the pockets out. After doing one i realised that there was now a gaping hole in its place. I still wore the playsuit i just had to remember to put my phone in the other pocket and show only my left side in photographs. Silly sausage!
Pepsi loves the mud. Mud and water are her fav's. As she ran straight for the thick gloopy mud puddle Ben screamed NOOOOOOOO like i had never heard him scream. I laughed extremely hard. Then regretted it when i remembered it was me she was sitting with in the car ride home. Karma is always a bitch to me.
Forget-me-nots are my nans favourite flowers. My nan is my best friend and the funniest lady your ever likely to meet. This is why at the ripe age of 70 my nan will be getting her first tattoo of a forget-me-not on her pinky finger. This is because my first tattoo is going to be a string of forget-me-nots on my wrist, for her. This is because we are cool like that.
*watch this space*
Hey doll face!
The tiniest of tiny oranges in my back yard...
Blogger by day. Frog Hunter by night.
Peace, Love and all things green xx


  1. Your photographs are amazing! WOW :)

  2. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means :) xx

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  4. thank you Gaby, lovely comments :)

    i shall check out your blog now sweet xx