Monday, 26 November 2012

June is Yellow

Here it is...we are half way through with the 6th installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES for which i take 10-15 photographs that sum up how that month in 2012 was for me....

June is Yellow. At least thats how it felt to me....

As fluffy yellow bumblebees got busy i watched the grass get greener and the flowers get brighter....

The sun felt warm on my skin and as you walked in the shade it created little goosebumps on your arms and tingles down your spine....

Sunlight can make you see things in a completely different way. As can shadows. I may not have ever noticed the little white cloud that sat in the middle of this flower if it werent for light and shade. Also, i may not have noticed how delicate and wispy the stems on this flower were....

In June i was glad for light and shade.

In June i noticed yellow everywhere and i wondered about why bumblebees were yellow and black. Why not pink and black or yellow and blue? This was something i meant to look into but never did.

In June the heat was hazy and i wore my hair in messy buns alot. Probably because i had just found a way to do it really quickly and easily without the use of one of those strange foamy donut thingys. I liked clothes that didnt cling and sunglasses that made everything rose tinted.

Today i got the enevitable but always still very odd summer cold. I dont know if everyone experiences this or if i am just the chosen one but during the summer months i always get one really rough, meany cold. We ran out of kleenex and the toilet roll was making my nose red. Dad went to Tesco and bought me back these. The box made me very happy indeed and i spent a long time trying to think of something i could make out of it because i didnt want to throw it away. Saying goodbye to something that brings you happiness is never easy. Even when its a tissue box.

Today, polka dot nails were on the menu. I think they were mint with black spots but they may have been pink with black spots.

It made me very happy to discover this flourry of forget me nots in the back of our back garden. I think i have mentioned it before but i shall tell you again that forget me nots are my nans favourite flower. It is for that reason that they make me smile.
This is a photo of Dylan looking like our older doggy Alfie. Now, from a distance you would probably think they look the same but close up they most definitely do not. Their faces are different in many ways. This is one of my favourite photographs of Dylan. And not because he looks like Alfie but because he looks to me, as if he is smiling!
Soft, pale yellow roses always remind me of vanilla ice cream. I dont really know why. They just do and i like it.

These little fellows caught my eye as i went to head home from a day taking photographs at the lake. They remind me of something from a Tim Burton movie and that made me smile. They were sat so perfectly as if they knew i would be walking past with my camera. I am so glad they did.
Daisy's are often seen as an ugly little flower. Probably because i think they are actually a type of weed. And yes this photo may not be the most beautiful but it has a place in this collection because it sums up what a simple month June was for me. Hazy, yellow and simple.
Peace&Love x


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