Wednesday, 28 November 2012

July is Purple...

Hello All! Thought i would swoop straight in with the 7th installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES...i know i only uploaded June's photos a couple days ago but i realised im running out of time to get them all up before Christmas! So here they come, i hope not too soon...
July is least thats how it felt to me...
As my hair grew down my back and my freckles began to show my room was engulfed in a warm misty light.
I spent July looking inside flowers whilst searching for myself. I had finished University and gone straight into working at a job that i loved but wasnt what i had studied for. I could already feel myself getting lost. What hides inside the tunnel of petals is a magical thing...
And what a flower decides to show you when it blossoms is equally as magical....
The sun had been warm but not shown its face as often as the months that had passed. On the 6th day of July in 2005 a 14 year old boy asked me to be his girlfriend at the start of a history lesson. I was already in love with him.
On the 6th day of July in 2012 me and that same boy, who has become a wonderful man, celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We bought eachother cards and spent the day wandering around the Natural History Museum in London, laughing with eachother as if we were still 14. There were no presents exchanged under a mutual agreement because we were saving for our dream holiday.
 It rained on the 6th morning of July 2012 but that meant nothing because we were together.
Love is a strange thing. It can make you feel warm on the coldest days and make your perception of things a little distorted. This flower is not black and white. It has lovely blue and silvery shades in it. However, it is now black and white because that was how i felt it looked most striking. Sometimes the more simple something is, the more beautiful it becomes.
It may sound cliche but a lot of the time i feel most beautiful when my hair is down and left alone, my skin left bare and my clothes kept simple. This photograph of me is in this collection because i felt a little bit beautiful that day. It also is a version of me that is not often seen on my blog. I am many different things and this photo is the calm, thoughtful me. Keeping it simple.
Who can spot the tiny little butterflies inside the bottom of the bowl that is this flower?
Birds freak me out a bit. Yes they can be amazing and beautiful creatures but they just make me uneasy. They are too eratic. Sometimes in life it is good to put yourself out of your comfort zone. You will often learn a lot from it.
Every time these particular flowers grow in our back garden they remind me of lace. I can imagine a gorgeous vintage gown made from this flowers petals and i want to wear it to a ball.
Arent man-made things so boring in comparison?! This photograph makes me chuckle a little because of how both odd and wonderous this flower is. Also, it reminds me of a hat i own.
I always get the urge to disect this flower when i look at this photo. I almost want to pull out those little blue stems and peel off all the pink petals and see what the central black egg looks like when it is uncovered. I would never do it though. And this is because all those compartments were put together for a reason and they look great together. And i dont want to ruin that.
This photo reminds me of my Mum. My Mum has a thing for meadows. I rekon if she could live in the middle of a meadow she would. Although this wasnt taken in a meadow, it looks like it could've been and that made Mum smile which means my plan worked.
"Pink sky at night- photogtaphers delight!"
I love when things contrast a great deal. It means that things will then stand out, catch your eye more, look more shocking than they are. These deep little flowers caught my cameras eye because they were in a sea of bubblegum pink. The moral of the story is always to be the deep little flower when in a sea of bubblegum pink.
July was purple to me because it was both bright and dark in every sense.
Peace&Love xxx


  1. yay these photos are so beautiful *_* i fell in love!

  2. ohh thank you so much Katie :) your words are too kind!

  3. Hi Jessica, oh, you're making me wistful for summer with your breath-taking floral photographs....sigh :) I look forward to 'August' x

  4. Hi Maddie! Thank you so much for your lovely words! August shall be up very soon :) xx

  5. love the photos. very cute blog :)

  6. aww thank you so much! Such encouraging words! :) xx