Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gothic Flapper Chick

Yo! Hey! And what is up?!

So on Friday i was the first person in history to ever graduate with a BA (hons) Degree in Street Arts and to add to that i was the first person in history to ever graduate with a First Class Degree in Street Arts (if i do say so myself)....

I would say i dont mean to brag but i slightly want to brag about it because getting a 1st for my Degree is the thing i am most proud of myself for achieving! So i shall get it out of my system early...


Ok now thats done with lets talk fashion.

I had been looking for a dress to graduate in for a very long time! And whilst looking at what other girls were wearing to their graduation yes they all looked very smart and sophisticated and also very lovely but i just dont do office wear. My idea of smart is different to most. And my mantra on this was that these pictures will be on the walls of my family's homes for a very long time and so i must look fabulous!

I knew i did not want to wear black. My cap and gown were to be black and i didnt want to look morbid. I knew i did not want to wear something that anyone else would turn up in. And then i found my dress and i fell in love with it. It reminded me of a 1920's flapper dress that had a 2012 update. It was pretty, expensive looking, sophisticated, elegant and i wanted to put a gothic twist on it.

I promise the photos are coming soon, i will shut up in just a tick! I teamed my lovely dress with spangly jewellry and matching shoes. My lips were deep purple. My hair in messy curls. I felt like a princess.....

 Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! Make-up half-way through, hair not done!

If your looking for an amazeballs purple lipstick i LOVE LOVE LOVE the YSL ones! They have the most amount of shades of purple i have seen from any make-up brand and it is soft and stays fresh feeling for ages! *BONUS* it smells (and tastes) like berries. Im not suggesting you eat it but when i licked my lips after eating i was like yum!

I wasnt sure if i was going to wear eyeshadow or not because i liked how my makeup looked in the picture above. However, the big girly girl in me screamed "your only guna do this once!!" and so i caved and put on some lilac sparkly stuff :)

My hair looked great in the morning. I love it like this. It looks done but not over-done. Big but not Cheryl Cole big. Just right so not to take away from my beautiful dress!

I realise at this point i am being a bit of a tease. The dress is coming soon i promise! Here is my lovely, pretty hand chain and gorgeous clutch (both from New Look) and my matching nail polish which is Black Cherry by Rimmel!

I have only just realised that all of my accessories for this day were from New Look! This earring is from there and again i wasnt going to wear any jewllery but when i saw it i loved it and i kind of want to wear it every day!


And here i am in my gorgeous dress that i totally adore! I can safely say no-one looked like me on graduation and i didnt look like anyone else. I love it when that happens!

Side View

Back View (with awkward arm)

The post wouldnt be complete without a shot of my whole graduation look!!

And finally, here i am in the evening when the gown had to go back and the wind was bitter! I teamed my gorgeous gown with some pretty pink pumps from Next and a fluffy white jumper from H&M....and then i ran through the high street :)

Peace, Love and Congraduations to all 2012 graduates :) x

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