Monday, 19 November 2012

Levi's Review...


After typing that i feel the need to break into song! "heyyyaaa oh oh! Shake it sh shake it! shake it sh shake it! "shake it like a polaroid picture!"

Anyhoo...enough of the sillyness im here to do a review post! Something i have not done yet...but i am so freakin excited about this!!

The topic is a touchy one for me.....JEANS.....

If you are like me and you have a bit more junk in the trunk than the usual girl of your size then you will probably have had the same problem as me when it comes to jeans. They cling to your lovely curvy legs, attempt to flatten your bootylicious behind and then gape at your waist :/ Its SOOOO annoying!! I dont want to wear a belt 24/7 and i dont want to be uncomfortably squashed!

Alas! I have found a solution and it comes in the form of Levi's BOLD CURVE jeans :D

For any girl or woman out there who has curves they are proud of these are the jeans you need to flatter them, fit you right and still leave you feeling comfy!
Basically they claim.... "Bold Curve honours real curves and celebrates the feminine silhouette, hugging the waist, without gaping or pulling. If your jeans fit your bottom, but then gape at the back and feel tight in the thigh, you could be a Bold Curve"
However, at £80.00 they are wayyy more expensive than any jeans i have bought before. And so i guess this post is for those of you who are sceptical about Levi's being worth the money and let me tell you they most definitely are!
Here are the jeans in question on the ASOS website (where i ordered them from)...
When they turned up they looked and felt expensive and with a little wiggle to get them on (all skinnies need a little wiggle) they fit like a lovely glove!! The claim is right! Finally a pair of jeans that fit my arse and waist at the same time! No gaping, no squashing just a lovely denim hug. I usually have to buy jeans a size too big to get over my bottom and then they hang off my waist and are saggy around my legs but i bought my usual size in these and hooray hoorah they fit!
And here they are....

I have rolled my top up so you can see how well they hug me and yay no muffin top either! HIGH FIVE!

And so basically any curvy ladies who cant find the perfect jeans look out for Levi's BOLD CURVE range because honestly they are worth the money and are sooo comfy and lovely looking! I believe they make like a semi curve type too for ladies with little bottoms too but for anyone wondering if Levi's are worth the price...they are! I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED! GOODBYE PRIMARK SAGGY KNEES AND NEW LOOK LACKLUSTRE DENIM!
peace&Love xxx


  1. Thanks for following. I've followed you back now :)

    Great jeans!

  2. yay, congratulations on your perfect jeans!!
    i'm so proud haha.
    i love your blog, i've jut started following.
    oh and you've now got outkast in my head! shake it, sh-shake it!
    please pop over and say hello, i'd love to speak some more :)
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  3. haha thank you Laura i am sooo happy to finally find a pair that fit right :)
    thank you very much for your lovely comments, your a sweetheart!
    your blog is wonderful!

    and i still cant stop singing outkast haha! xx