Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A/W'12 Clothes Haul!

Hey, Hello and What Is Up?!
Soo today i decided i would put together an Autumn/Winter 2012 Clothes Haul because i had a bit of a shopping spree recently and decided it would be cool to share my lovely finds!
I will upload images from websites and also images that i have taken of the clothes if i couldnt find them on the websites and then some time soon i will upload outfit pics to show how i would wear them....theres a lot of mix and matching going on :)

Ok so first up is a beautiful pair of leggings from H&M that i LOVED as soon as i saw them! The colours are gorgeous and the print looks way more expensive than it is and also they are that weird silky feeling fabric that i love leggings to be!

Next up is a delightful cream jumper that is also from H&M. I have really sensitive skin and so even though this jumper feels really soft on the hanger it does itch a little when on. I just slip a long sleeved top underneath and im is winter after all!

I added the image above because the detail in the knit is really cute but you cant really see it on the website pics!
And now are some leggings from River Island that i bought, and then took back, and then re-bought and now wear all the time and i actually have a pic of how i wear them which also includes the fur trim cape you can see in the first photo :)

GAHH! One of my favourites is this blazer from River Island! I have worn it soooo many times and it goes with everything because of all the different colours in it!

 Oh next is the same jumper as the cream one from H&M but in a delicious mint good i bought it twice :)

 And then i bought some Levi Jeans which you can see images of on my Levi's Review post and also in this photo where i teamed them with my New Look blouse :)

 And now yet another jumper from H&M which is funny cos i never really like H&M's stuff but it has been my saviour this A/W for finding pretty knits!
 I got that ^ Jumper ^ but in the colour below!

 And finally yet another pair of patterned leggings and yet again they are from H&M :) I guess my A/W'12 style is patterned leggings and pretty knits! Comfy all the way...

 Just to finish off, i know you can see a little cupcake hat in the first image and thats because i did also buy lots of accessories but when i realised how long this post would be i decided to split it into two haul posts. You can also see a leather skater skirt and since thats no longer on the River Island website and my images of it look crap heres me wearing it....

 Sorry about my weird face in that last pic lol :') Only just realised that every time ive worn this skirt ive worn the little black hat too! hmmmm :S
Anyways heres where everything was from and how much-
Blue Print Leggings- H&M- £9.99
Cream & Mint jumpers- H&M -£19.99
Black&White Striped Leggings- River Island -£16.00
Black Fur Trim Cape- River Island -£35.00
Floral Tapestry Blazer- River Island -£35.00
Printed Collared Blouse- New Look -£12.99
Turquoise Knitted Jumper- H&M -£12.99
Floral Print Leggings- H&M -£7.00
Black Leather Skater Skirt- River Island -£22.00
Peace, Love and Outfit Pics coming soon! xx


  1. Amazing haul! Love the jumpers from H&M. Perfect for the cozy and cold weather :)

  2. Thanks Andrea :) Yeah the jumpers are lovely i cant stop wearing them!
    They are a little bit itchy but with a thin top underneath- perfect! :)

  3. Super-cosy looking jumpers.....definitely the best aspect of Autumn:) Looking back at your previous posts,I just have to comment on your very beautiful nature photographs, and your poetic prose which accompanies them, you have real creative talent. I wonder if you would be kind enough to visit my blog, and if you like perhaps we could follow each other? x

  4. Love this haul, you've got some amazing items there. Especially in love with the River Island blazer...florals in the Autumn are my favourite!
    Love your blog :) xx

  5. Thanks Maddie :) Yes the River Island blazer might be my fav too! Ive worn it sooo many times already, its really soft and expensive feeling- worth the £35 for sure!!

    Thank you again lovely :) xx

  6. ooh that comment ^^ was for Maddie.Elizabeth...only just seen your comment Maddie Magpie :)

    Thank you so much! Very kind words that have made my day! Photography is a huge passion of mine!

    i shall visit your blog now sweet :) xx

  7. Hello again :) thanks for visiting me back, look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous photography, following your beautiful blog now! x

  8. eeeek i love this post, beautiful outfits.


  9. Maddie Magpie and Hannah Mallon you are both too kind :)

    thank you both so much for your lovely comments! xx

  10. Hey i love your blog i followed would you mind following back?? xx

  11. Hello Jean and thank yooou :) i dont know where your blog is?

    Leave me a link hun :) xx