Monday, 5 November 2012

April is Pink...

"April is Pink" is the fourth installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES....

April is least thats how it felt to me...

I have a face like the moon. I am moonface. This is what i said one day whilst staying with two of my good friends. Why? They asked with faces full of confusion. You see, i am moonface because my face is quite big and quite round and quite pale. Like the moon. We all laughed and it stuck. My birthday card addressed to moonface...turning 21 was going to be good.

April is pink, at least thats how it felt to me. Probably because it is the month i was born and so being a girl and most importantly being the only girl out of the 3 of us means i get lots of pink things. This makes me smile because although i am not turning 5 i still like to see the house temporarily smothered in pink balloons and ribbons and cake candles. Today i turned 21. My heart remains 5.

Almost every year i cry on my birthday. I dont even know why most years. I think it started when i had a big birthday party and was having so much fun hitting my friends with balloons and dancing right up next to the bubble machine that time flew and when my friends all had to leave i cried. It was all over too soon. I like to write on our little love board in the kitchen whenever a big event is happening but it felt odd to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA! And so i settled for this.

My face looks quite odd in this picture and i dont really know why. However, i felt it needed to be in the April collection because i remember how happy i was at the moment this photo was taken. Benjamin and I were at the zoo, it was his treat and we had such a wonderful day and i wore my lovely new multi-coloured cardigan that was a present from my parents. I love it because it is just like one i loved so much when i was younger.

We had agreed no presents. Benjamin had already taken me and my friends to a theme park a couple of days before my birthday. He took me to the zoo on my birthday and he was taking me out for dinner that night and so i said please no presents. He never listens. This is the softest Me-To-You bear i have ever held and the sweetest birthday surprise. Thank you, lovely boyfriend.

"Special Granddaughter"

One of my dearest friends gave this to me on my birthday and even though she insisted it wasnt my actual present i was so excited about it. You see, you push pooh's little green heart and his facial expression changes. This was Pooh's Happy Birthday face.


“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
Some things you cant help but want to touch....

Every time i look at this photo i wonder what this little thing would feel like to touch. I imagine it to feel like a wobbly glow stick.

I made a friend at the zoo. I use the term "friend" fairly lightly though. This cheeky chappy was watching me from underneath a plastic barrier and kept jumping around at a zillion miles an hour. I am so very grateful that he stopped for a minute so that i could capture his wonderful hair and intense little eyes.

Flutter by, little Butterfly.

I know this isnt a techincally brilliant photograph but it does have a special place in this collection because April was a month to spend with loved ones. Here we all are being silly by a willow tree.

Meet Hollie-Jessica. She is my cousin's beautiful little girl and today was her 1st Birthday. Hollie turned 1 just a tiny 3 days after i turned 21. Today she was a little fairy princess and watching her dance to "Moves like Jagger" made my day.

Hollie is a funny little girl. She is full of character and and never stops! I love this photo very much because i caught a rare moment where she was just sat there at the table watching everyone else eat her party food. Hollie is a beautiful little soul.
Peace&Love Homies xx

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