Thursday, 11 October 2012

You gotta have FAITH!

Hey, Hello and what is up?!?!

So this post is like a pick and mix bag of goodies...i have a story, a celeb and style icon to talk about...loads of photos of amazing clothes and an outfit pic for you all :)

The other day i met with one of my very good friends in London at the old Westfield shopping centre and we decided to get a cup of something sweet at Costa and grab a window seat for people watching (one of our fav pastimes...dont act like we dont all do it!) and you will never guess who i saw just casually wandering past the window with a friend of theirs....


aaaaaaahh i LOVE her! I love her voice and her music and i especially love her sense of style! She is quirky, colourful, sexy, cool and quite simply put...amazing! Everything i wish i could look like! lol.

Sooo as you can tell i am a fan. And so obviously seeing her so close up got me very excited. I squealed like a piglet and almost choked on my very berry cooler making my lovely friend wonder what the hell was wrong with me until i pointed Paloma out. Sadly, the time it took me to make a decision about whether or not to run after her screaming I LOVE YOOOOU took too long and she was gone before i could get up out of the seat (sad face).

Paloma looked amazing! She was wearing a bright red long coat with mustard colour tights and shoes and hat and some red lippy and her hair was immaculate. And so i had to post about it! And with a post about a fashion icon of mine would of course come photos of my fav outfits of hers....

Isnt she lovely?! And here is the closest i have ever come to looking like i have Paloma Faith's style...
Yes we both have on a red and white gingham 2 piece but sadly i am nowhere near as cool :(
Peace&Love Cupcakes xx

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