Tuesday, 30 October 2012

This is Halloween, This is Halloween...

Okay so it's not Halloween yet but i am going to be in Cornwall with no internet access over Halloween and so i am posting this early, hope thats okay :)

So i am a HUGE fan of fancy dress! I love costumes that are original or homemade in some way and i think that makeup totally transforms a costume...especially on Halloween!

In fact i will do a post some time soon on my best fancy dress costumes, promise!

But first, here are my top 3 favourite Halloween costumes that i have done (in no particular order i love them all equally)... Let me know what you think and tell me what your favourite costumes are for this scarily fun holiday!

#3. The Corpse Bride!

For this costume i added a Tim Burton-esque twist with the black&white striped tights and i think it really finishes off the costume and makes it different! You cant see very well but i was wearing a white lace dress with blood stained white silk gloves and a white veil. I really loved my makeup this Halloween!

#2. Poison Ivy!

This was a costume that i always wanted to try and the house party me and my Uni housemates threw on Halloween last year was the perfect time to do it! I wore a green leotard and green tights, black shoes and belt and long red gloves. I LOVED having long red hair for the night and got a lot of compliments on my peacock eyelashes :)

#1. the MAD hatter

The year that i did this costume i had decided that i wanted to look actually scary. Still girly but not really sexy. Just scary. And based on all of the gasps i got from drunk people i think my mission was accomplished. My favourite part of this costume was the black lenses and eyelashes!

Peace, Love and Happy Halloween! xx

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