Monday, 1 October 2012

Season Transition....

Hello Lovies!

I've been very bad.

I made a promise to blog more often and then i havent blogged again since :(

However, i do have quite a good excuse so hear me out....ive been in Florida USA!!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee---- this is my squeal of excitement! It was amazzzzzing!!

I was there for 2 weeks and so i wore like 20 different outfits...maybe more.....but i have selected the best ones and i will be posting a new outfit pic every day (maybe 2, if your good) along with an image or a note on what my favourite things are for  A/W12.

I dont find season transitions very difficult and i think thats cos i like to keep my summer spring clothes away from my autumn winter clothes and just pick certain items out if and when i need to (like if a floral dress i bought for summer would look cute with some thick tights and a wooly cardigan over it). Alsooo i LOVE all of the seasons.....ok winter might be slightly my favourite....and so i find it exciting when all the new clothes fill up the shops!

Anyhooo back to the point of this is outfit number 1. and A/W12 favourite number 1.....

And my first A/W12 fav is TARTAN!!! I already own a pair of tartan trousers and like 3 different tartan skirts that i wack out every winter and so i was super excited when i saw tartan coming back again!! Here are my favourite picks from the high street....

 I LOVE this shorts and blazer combo from River Island! And for something more rock 'n' roll i adore this River Island dress with chain detail below!

 For something more demure i love this midi skirt from ASOS and for something less red i am crazy about these green tartan brothel creepers also from ASOS!
Peace, Love and Tartan xxxx

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