Monday, 29 October 2012

March is Grey

"March is Grey" is the third installment of my photography project TWELVE TALES which consists of me taking 10-15 photographs each month that sum up how that month of 2012 felt to me....

March is Grey...

 At least thats how it felt to me.

 Feeling the first bit of warm sun on our skin felt like we were finally coming out of our winter coma's. As we wandered around the great woods we no longer needed our fluffy jumpers and thick jeans. The sun shone through the giant trees and made the tops of our heads warm and we felt happy all weekend long.

Meet Pepsi. Pepsi is my lovely boyfriend Benjamin's golden retriever. She has a heart of gold and the spirit of a puppy even though her puppy years are long gone. Unlike my dogs Pepsi fully understands and loves the notion of fetch. We throw the ball, Pepsi runs after it, picks it up, brings it back to us and drops it infront of the person who threw it. Watching her leap through the long grass sometimes all we can see is her swishy tail and she makes me smile very much.

The sun went in and it began to feel cold in the forest where the wind whips around between the skinny trees. My hair blew in sync with my butterfly scarf and it was time to head home.

Today i went to the lakes and after spending a long while in the cold air photographing the ripples of the water and the ducks and birds i took shelter behind a basketball pitch wall. As i looked to my right the sun was creeping up on me from behind the wall and the bricks began to shimmer.

 My front garden is the home to acrobatic ladybirds and ladygents.

The clouds looked like little balls of cotton wool but nicer because i could not feel them and the feel of cotton wool on my skin makes me cringe the biggest cringe. The sun made the lakes sparkle and for a second i felt alone. No ducks. No birds. No kids on pedalos. Just me and the cotton wool clouds and the sparkly lakes. That second was wonderful.

This little fellow is not my friend, i feel. He is also not very little. He is the only goose at this particular lake who has an orange beak and any time i walk past him he goes deadly still and watches me from the corner of his beady eye until i am out of sight. He scares me a little because he followed me once. Which is a shame because he photographs beautifully.

 The little ball of red and black stood out immensly amongst the sharp green leaves that sat in my front garden. Watching her climb around and move from leaf to leaf i wondered if the rumour that the amount of spots on a ladybird equals her age were true or not. But then i realised that it is rude to ask a lady her age.

The lone explorer. Much like myself when i go wandering with my camera looking for wonderous things to photograph. This little lady chose the daffodil as her playground instead of the sharp green leaves. I respected her wishes to be different.

Today i wanted to be colourful in an understated way. Hense the simple hair and simple grey sweater dress put together with a pink beaded collar and the blue leopard print tights that i have had for years. I dont remember what i was doing on this day but i do remember that i was with my beloved Benjamin and that we had a lovely time together.

A couple of friends had been extra special to me in March. They took me into their home when i needed them and they made me lovely home cooked meals and watched trashy TV with me when i needed distracting. To say thank you i made some cupcakes. They werent just any cupcakes. They were smothered in strawberry flavoured, baby pink icing and topped with edible daisies and polka dots. It was a small gesture but one im glad i took the time to make.

Little blossoms with a backdrop of plain grey sky. As i sat on the cold, damp pavement leaning back to capture the delicate petals i wished that i could be a full time photographer and get paid to do what i love. That would be a happy life.

March felt grey to me for reasons other than the colour of the sky. It felt grey because i wasn't having a very good time. When i am not having a very good time the little things cheer me up. Things like my piggy bank that wears a halo. And the little porcelain people that stand on my window sill who remind me so much of Benjamin and i. The little things make the big things feel less grey.

Peace & Love x

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