Monday, 22 October 2012

January is Brown

"January is Brown" is the first installment to my project "Twelve Tales" during which i take 10-15 photographs that sum up how that month in 2012 felt to me.

January is Brown...

 At least it felt that way to me. Maybe because of all the mud and bare trees. The weather was grey but January felt browner than grey because even though it was cold out, the month felt warm to me.

January meant lots of long walks for Dylan, our youngest dog. It was my break from University and with my head full of ideas and work that needed to be done sometimes the best thing was a long walk in the woods with Dylan....

 This is where Dylan made a friend in the form of a gorgeous white boxer dog who's funny name i sadly cannot remember. Watching the two of them bound around so freely bought me great peace. It was moments like these that made January feel warm to me.

January was full of hazy, lazy days that seemed to drift by without me noticing. This photograph makes me feel that way again. The pale pink tint in the sky and the ripple that the wind made remind me of my floating through the start of 2012.

 Today was the first time i really used my new camera. My first digital SLR. My baby. I was already aware of how wonderful it was but on this day i realised its full potential. Sitting on the damp grass flicking through all of the settings to try and teach myself how to use it without the need of the manual and i fell even more in love with it. In October, i am still yet to read that manual. I have so much more to learn.

It was only supposed to be an hour long walk in the woods but as the temperature dropped and the sky darkened we realised we had been wandering around all day. Not that it bothered us. We had a lovely time in such a wonderful place. It needed us there all day in order for us to appreciate it all.

Dylan in his "mud boots". Dylan is a funny dog. He pulls and pulls on his lead when you walk him as if he has never been outside and cannot wait to be free and run away. Which he does when you first remove his lead..he does run like mad for a few feet. And then he stops. And then he turns around and waits for us to catch up. Dylan is a dog who doesnt know what he wants.
As the sun went down on our lovely day in January, the wind picked up. It made the grass shake and my hair dance around in the bright yellowy light. I didnt want that day to end and i didnt want to leave that wonderful place.

One of the most wonderful things about January being brown is when other magical colours decide to show their heads. Today the sky was pinks and purples and blues and yellows all at once. A glimpse of colour in a sea of brown.

This is a rare moment. Dylan doesnt like cameras. I dont know where it started or why but for some reason every time you point one at him he jumps up and barks and it results in him hiding under the table. All very dramatic. And so this rare moment where he is sat there so calm and collected with the wind in his hair was one i couldnt believe i was able to capture. What a shame for such a beautiful dog to be so camera shy.

Every now and then i like to test how much Alfie loves me. Alfie is our eldest dog and at the ripe old age of 13...or 91 in dog years he still loves me very much. You see, being the only girl in the house growing up Alfie would make certain allowances for me. Allowances like putting my hats on him or wrapping him up in blankets to look like a nun. I dont think he ever particularly enjoyed it but he let me get on with it because of how much he loved me. And i love him very dearly for that. January was a sleepy month full of feelings like the one on Alfie's face of i simply cannot be bothered.

In January i had red hair. Not as red as it had been. Now it was more like a wispy pinky red but i liked it all the same. Today i am visiting my cousin and her beautiful little girl. Today i am always I felt the most pale.

Today was one of those boring days where i feel like i have a million things to do and also nothing to do all at once. Usually when i feel like this i take my camera and go for a wander. Today i found this gorgeous little blossom in a crowd of brown bare trees. Its unexpected beauty made my day a whole lot less boring. I thank it for that by sharing its beauty with all.

"January is Brown"

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