Thursday, 25 October 2012

February is Red

February is Red is the second installment of my project TWELVE TALES for which i have taken 10-15 photographs that sum up how that month of 2012 felt to me...

February is Red....

At least thats how it felt to me....
The snow sprinkled the paths in the evening but blanketed everything in the morning. I followed my usual ritual of waking up early, watching the snow from my bedroom window through the eyes of my 5year old self. Watching the dogs bound about in it and cover their legs in snowballs so they look like pokemon. And then i call my best friend. We spend the day in the snow. Too old to join in with all the children playing in it but never too old to walk around for hours and get a hot chocolate. My snow day ritual that i love so dearly.

From afar the berries were hidden. Walking under the tree and looking up reveals a whole new magical scene of what seemed like millions of perfect, bright red berries that looked glorious topped with fluffy snow.

Ear muffs on. Winter coat on. Pink University hoody on. The snow day ritual walk to meet my best friend begins. The cold makes my pale squidgy nose red. Much like my recently dyed hair line.

The sun came out. Enevitable really but that doesnt make it any less sad for me. As the snow on the roads turned black and mushy and the snow on the paths wasted away i noticed this little mound still clingling on to a bunch of berries on a little green bush. It made me smile as these things do.

Although it may look this way, i did not wait and watch for the snow on the berries to melt away to nothing. I was just lucky enough to catch another little bush further up the road with the last few drops left to drip.

The sky always clears and the sun always comes out eventually.

This beautiful little orchid was caught sunbathing in our conservatory. I can take not much credit for this wonderous photograph other than that i saw it at the right moment. It was even more beautiful in real life, let me tell you.

Today I felt sad. I cannot remember why but i can just remember that i did. I can also remember that this little flower perched next to the kitchen sink made me feel less sad and very warm indeed. It looked as though it was once a different coloured flower that had turned yellow because of the rays from the sun.

Standing tall were some flowers of all shades of blue and purple that my mum had put in the living room by the window. As i sat in the chair i noticed one sun beam coming through between the flowers that made the petals look so delicate they were almost see through. The idea of see through flowers made me smile.

Red is for passion and anger and love. It is a very emotionally unstable colour. This funny little installation was a part of a University project i did where i made a dolls house and for every room there was a colour and an emotion. It is all up for interpretation of course. It annoys me a little that the other lady will always be in that bed and the lady in red will never catch her man with the little blue thing. Maybe i will just push him over for her and then he shall stay there.

This makes me sad. And that was the point of it. The kitchen was blue and universally we associate blue with feeling sad or down hense the saying "feeling blue". After i made this i wished to shrink and go into the kitchen. Hug the person at the table and paint the room bright orange. But maybe im a little too emotionally involved in my projects...

Valentines Day is one of those things that has people out in their masses complaining of how its "just a way for people to make money" and how "your partner should show you love every day". I am very fortunate. This is because i have Benjamin in my life and he does show me love everyday. And i am not trying to gloat. I just really like Valentines Day. I am a hopeless romantic and i like that we have a day to celebrate love.

Today i saw my best friend and we spent the day wandering around doing nothing much at all. I wore the t-shirt he got me from New York and we met at the bakers where we always meet. I like these nothing much at all days.

Today i was ill. Just a common cold- nothing major or serious but i felt yucky and the orchids my mother had put in my bedroom looked so pristine and pure that for a second i forgot about my sniffles.

Peace and Love xx


  1. Beautiful pictures! And feel better :))