Thursday, 23 August 2012

NAILS, NAILS NAILS (and not the rusty type!)

Hello cupcakes!

So todays post (well its actually tonights post i guess but hey ho...) we are going to be talking about NAILS!

here is my nail dilemna- i go on holiday in exactly 2 weeks today and i am away for 2 weeks and i cannot for the life of me decide what colour to paint my nails. i know the world is full of much more important issues, as is my own life, BUT i do feel that deciding on a colour is a big commitment! And its not just my fingers its my tootsies too!!

You see the first part of my dilemna is, whilst on holiday i am a rollercoaster/swimming pool/bannana boat type of gal.....defo not a sunbathing/reading a book/spa kind of gal and it is for that reason that my nail colour is such a big deal for me. i dont want to waste my valuable holiday time taking off old polish and putting on new polish etc etc so i need one colour (or two depending on if i fancy matching or contrasting tootsies) that will last me the whole 2 weeks and look good with every is the 2nd part of my dilemna....i dont really have one style that i stick to. i like to change it up! one day i will wear high-waisted denim shorts, a black crop top and some flatform lace ups- requiring a black, red or purple nail...the next day i will be wearing a floral dress that requires a pretty pink nail and the next day i will need something with a bit of POP like a bright blue nail!


Nail art pens have meant that i can easily draw on a funky pattern or have my nails striped with 3 different colours- one for every occasion! And nail transfers (for those of you who dont know-they are basically just stickers for your nails) mean that no polish is required i can just stick on a floral pattern, peel off and stick on some leopard print the next day.... nails that change as quickly as my style! Here are a couple of pics from a few months back when i bought my first nail art pen from models own in black (very easy to use and looks great!)

£6.00 may seem a bit steep for a little nail pen but it does last for aaages and you can get cheaper versions in superdrug like this little beauty---
As for transfers i will be trying out my very first lot when i go on holiday....i picked something that was pretty and a bit bling but that could do with almost everything i will wear whilst away....
soooo pretty :D i shall upload a pic when i have them on!!
In terms of buying nail transfers, try asda's, superdrug or the nail art company website for cheap but delicious designs (  and if you have some more cash to splash i love these websites too-
Over the next two weeks i shall be practising my nail art skills in the hopes of having nails as cool as these little wowzahs:

Woopsy! this has been a really longggggg blog....hope i havent bored you to death with all my waffling but before i depart for the me choose a colour for my tootsies!!!

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