Friday, 24 August 2012


Looking through my blog today i decided that it looked very unproffesional! Cute and pretty yes but proffesional and sharp no! And so along came a totally new look and some revelations.....

i do not blog enough! There are some very lovely people out there who view my blog every day and i thank you whoever you are but i would love love loooovee to get a bigger following and so starting from today i shall blog more often!

the nature of my posts has been repetitive a coulple of times (mainly because my life seems to consist of the same things at the mo) but from now on i shall keep blogging new and exciting things, with updates on old blogs only if necessary or if i have promised it :)

i have yet to share enough fabulous outfits with you all and so i am going to start doing more short, sweet posts with outfit pics as of right now......

At this point the title of the post "I LOVE ASOS" may seem pointless. FEAR NOT! here comes the link....i have always known about asos and used it a few times before but have never really taken the time to look around the website....until today! It has loads of fun competitions and you can upload pics and follow fellow uploaders if you love their outfits and i just adore it! Today i entered a comp for the best androgynous look and here is my entry:::

Peace and Love Homies :D x

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