Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Another London 2012 thing....

Hey all! Feels like i havent blogged in aaaages but ive been saving it all up for this baby!

For those of you who are sick of the olympics im afraid i am about to add to the millions and blog about it but hopefully you will still find this interesting because its not actually about the sports...

Jessica Chelsey and the Fashion Rejects will be performing at the London 2012 Olympics this Friday (10th August) and Saturday (11th August)! We will be there strutting our stuff and entertaining the masses as they pass through the olympic park or eat their lunch unawares that we will be arriving and bringing the drama!

I have blogged about this act before but here is a little background info.....In my second year at University i created this act based on the Royal Wedding and got a very good grade might i add :) Then i was asked to perform it in the Olympic Park for the student games a little while ago (rememberrrr i got in that official video and was very pleased with myself) and because of the great reception we have been asked to come back again whilst the games are on!

Performing Fashion Rejects with me (and bringing the fierce-ness) will be Chloe Sullivan and Zoe Harris....soooo look out for us on TV over the weekend because if the Fashion Rejects see a camera of any kind they cant help but get in the shot to show how fabulous they are! Here is what i shall look like on the day----

(costumes designed and made by moi) If your going to be at the parks i hope you enjoy us and if you see us on TV remember this blog!! ohh and one last thing... GO TEAM GB!!!!! xxx

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