Monday, 16 July 2012

A buzzy busy bee...

Helloooooo lovely people!

I havent blogged in aaaaageeesss.....SORRY! I have been a busy little bumblebee but guess what?! I am back with good news and a new outfit pic :D

First the good news.....I have recently finished University and even more recently i found out that i will be graduating with a first class degree!!! wooooooooooooooo :D

However, i am now filled with thoughts of falling arse over tit on the big G day whilst on camera collecting my degree :( I am also fearful that there wont be a cap to fit my unusually small head. (i fit in childrens hats better than adults hats....LOL, sad but true!) and so to cheer you all up on such a miserable rainy day in England here is an image of how i think i will look in my graduation hat (very poorly edited im afraid but i was in a rush!) and a video of my worst nightmare....

On a completely different note i just wanted to attach my weekend outfit that i was very proud of and kept getting complimented for :) excuse my idiotic boyfriend in the background of the last pic!

As always lemme know whatcha think and peace&love homies x

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