Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Its all fun and games :)

Hello lovely people :)

Today i took a long walk around the lakes with my dog Dylan who sadly no longer looks like a lion :(
ohhh i didnt tell you the story did i?! Well i was home alone and decided to brush our family pets Alfie and Dylan- both gorgeous wheaten terriers. Dylan, the younger one, was all matted where he had been out in the rain and mud and then running around in the bushes whilst Mum did the gardening. Soooo i decided for the first.time.ever. to give him a haircut. However...... i ended up making his body almost bald because i could not get out his knots and so i cut them out which was fine until Dylan decided he no longer wanted me to cut his hair..he had had enough! "Well Dylan", I said, "i cant leave you like this! Mum will kill me!" (for those of you who dont know, wheaten terriers are big dogs with long curly thick fur so at this point he looked ridiculous!). After a few more failed attempts to cut the fur on his head there was only one thing i could do......STYLE IT OUT!!!

And so i cut his legs as short as his body and his tail....but i left his paws big and fluffy, his head MASSIVE and fluffy and a ball of fluff left on the end of his tail :D he looked sooooo cute! Despite what my family thought when they came home to find this new dog/lion thing in our kitchen. Sadly i dont have a picture of Dylan with his haircut because my Mum corrected it very quickly and now he is a normal dog again :( but hey heres a pic of Dylan licking his lips and then of a random dog with Dylans lion haircut :)

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