Monday, 18 June 2012

Feeling Glum?!

I was feeling especially glum last week because of an evil cold that made it hurt to talk, breathe and think! That is why i havent blogged in a while...have you missed me!? With the weather being so awful (hellooo summer??? where are you?!?!) i was left feeling like a caged animal stuck in the house for most of last week. Feeling sorry for myself i decided to give myself a little pampering as i was no good for anything else! I am not usually a pampered kind of gal really so it was nice to spend some time perking myself up :) So i ran myself a special purple bath with the help of a LUSH bath bomb (yuummm)

I then painted my finger nails and toe nails.....

And tried out my new (i say "new" i actually have had them since christmas but have been too scared to use them lol!) heated curlers....

And with the help of all of that and some gorgeously packaged soft kleenex tissues (thank you dad!) I now feel much much better and will have some exciting things to blog about very soon so keep watching this space ;) Love and Peace Homies x

PS. what cheers you up when your feeling down?

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