Wednesday, 20 June 2012

big BIG fun :D

2 posts in 2 lucky people ;)

I felt that my lovely new background image tied in perfectly with a project i recently did for my final University performance piece with my group (see my very first blog "And a blog is born..." for more info and some great pics of the performance piece!).

Whilst searching for a beautiful, fun background image i was googling some of my favourite images from Vogue UK (a series of photographs called a tale of the unexpected) and i came across a wonderful, amazingly talented photographer names Tim Walker. My new love <3

As you've probably guessed where im going with this, yes my lovely new background image is a Tim Walker shot and so i felt compelled to search the world wide web for more of his work when i came across these little gems....

I KNOW RIGHT! He is soooo cool! Which must make me slightly cool because i took some photographs recently (as i said above) and modelled in them and edited them and although mine dont even compare to the wonderful Mr. Walker's, i was excited to see that at some point this man i admire and I were on the same wave length :D I know these kinds of photos may creep some people out but i  have always been intrigued by the idea of living toys or giant toys, it probably started with Toy Story! And the idea of humans as dolls or toys which comes from the street artist in me! So hey check out my photographs and lemme know whatcha think :) Peace and Love Homies x 

Peace and Love xx

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