Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Who from Whoville?!

Hello lovely people!

So i dont know about everyone else but i have been LOVING the sunshine we have had over the last few days here and on wednesday i was feeling particularly giddy with thoughts of cute summer outfits and i put together a right little cracker of an ensemble (even if i do say so myself)!

I was enduring a 2 and a half hour long train commute in the heat and so, determined not to be bought down by thoughts of sweaty old commuters, i decided to wear an outfit that would cheer me up!

I got a lot of looks from people whilst on my commute but hey wheres the harm in being noticed?! :)

However, after being told by my mum (in a loving way, of course! haha) that i looked somewhat like a fairy on top of a toilet roll holder and that my hair makes me look like a Who from  Whoville by my lovely boyfriend Benjamin i can only hope the onlookers on the trains were thinking different thoughts when they noticed me!

I would like to state at this point that i have no problem with being told i resemble a fairy or a Who from Whoville....there are far worse things i could be called!

A who-toilet fairy mash up in a not very flattering photograph of me but hey its a cute outfit and i only had time to take the one....i am ALWAYS late for my trains! x

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