Thursday, 17 May 2012

No rest for the wicked!

Sooooo...i cant sleep :/

However, now thanks to this blog i have something purposeful to do at such times :)

I was going to keep this under wraps until i have some of the professional photos from the day but i wanted to share it because it was sooo exciting!

So last week i totally performed at the Olympic stadium :D no biggy!

It was the student games 2012 and a few of us were asked to go and perform there and it was amazing! I was asked to do a walkabout act i created called the Fashion Rejects which was created a little while ago inspired by the royal wedding and the fast paced ludicrous world of fashion....

I will add a picture of my costume when i performed it before but i reeeally want to share the proper photos with everyone as soon as i get them!

The most exciting part of the day i hear you ask?

The thousands of photos that were taken of me and the performers i asked to perform with me on the day- Chloe Sullivan and Zoe Harris? NO!

The amazing reception we got from all of the children and the athletes? NO!

It was in fact the moment i was sitting watching the rehearsal closing ceremony when a video of "what the athletes had got up to over the last few days" on a MASSIVE screen came on in one of the big stadiums filled with loads of people and out of nowhere....THERE I WAS :D

I dont know how they did it because i mustve been videoed and edited in to it within a couple of hours but i was EXCIIIITED! So excited that i didnt care how sad it looked when i was the only person screaming when i appeared on the big screen! Yes all of the athletes had this routine of see your team and scream.....i was my own team and i did not care one little bit!

Here is a link to watch the couple of seconds of ME on that video :D and me in my costume that i designed and made! x (its the video uploaded on may 9th)

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