Thursday, 17 May 2012

Life isn't all about hair but its a good place to start!

Hello beautiful people!

So today i finished off my journals (for those of you who dont know what that is- neither do i really! Its a strange essay thing i have to do for my course) and i handed it in...nearly dieing of stress when i thought it hadnt submitted in time :O had though so panic over :)

Anyways....after all of that drama my dad came home and had been getting his most recent tattoo finished off which got me thinking about the tattoos that i want. I have no tattoos. However, I have drawings/pictures of about a million that i would like and have wanted for years but i just find it hard to commit to anything because it is so permanent and i like change!

Ok so i have been babbling but i promise this is going somewhere (and does relate to hair haha!). I was sitting looking at my computer screen thinking about how much i really do like change and i decided i want a change for my hair! For those of you who know me very well you will know how often i like to change my hair and for years now i have wanted to go blonde but have not had the balls to do it! I got close with dip dyed blonde ends a little while ago but that was really just a pit stop to the purple ends i wanted! However, tonight i felt the sudden urge to just go out and buy the stuff and go blonde! Obvs i backed out AGAIN (mainly because i am scared by all of the "your hair will fall out" comments) and so here i am telling whoever will listen about my hair dilema and i thought i would upload some pics of the many different hairstyles i have had to see what you think and maybe add some pics of hair that i would LOOOVE to have (if i wasnt so indecisive!).....

Me and my hair---

Dream hair----

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