Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Does a bear poo in the woods?!

Ok so i dont know what the title of this post has to do with the actual content other than the word "woods" but it got your attention didnt it?!

Sooo on Sunday just passed- my boyfriend, my little brother and I walked the wonderful Pepsi (my boyfriends golden retriever) to a lovely place called the great woods. For those of you who dont know...the great woods is a place i spent many happy days as a child. It is a well kept, gorgeous woods that has coloured markings on the trees and each colour represents a route around the woods...we had to take the red route on Sunday because it was a bit too hot for anything longer for Pepsi...

If anyone reading has a dog or puppy that is a little bit mischeivious you will probably laugh and also feel sorry for us when you find out what Pepsi did in the woods....i will set the scene for you....i am wearing a white and blue striped playsuit with bare legs and sandals on, my fashion-concious little brother is wearing a pair of brand new light blue shorts and my boyfriend Benjamin is wary. Benjamin is wary because he knows what his lovely dog is like. Pepsi adores water. Pepsi adores mud. Knowing this, Benjamin scours the surroundings checking there is no sloshy mud for her to dive in. With it being so sunny recently we all thought it would be dry and so Pepsi was let off of the lead to roam the woods. She was loving life......

No more so than when she found the only patch of sloshy wet thick mud in the entire woods and ran to it when none of us were looking. We all turned around and couldnt see her! Then a black dogs head arose from a pit to the left of us and this once golden retriever was now a lovely shade of browny-black. Good times! (for her at least) and then she proceeded to charge at us all covering us in the lovely gooey substance she had smothered herself with.

Ive got to give it to her though, Pepsi never looks happier than when she is rolling around in some dirty puddle somwhere and so i couldnt help but laugh (even when she went back in for round 2 and Benjamin couldnt get her out! and even when she covered my legs in the sticky mud!)

Dog owners everywhere....look...laugh...and learn! If there is mud to be found a mischevious dog WILL find it!!

peace x :)

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