Tuesday, 15 May 2012

And a Blog is Born...

Firstly, I would like to give a little woop woop to the fact that i am writing my first.ever.blog :)

Secondly, deciding what your first blog should be about is a toughy!

I have so much to share and dont know where to start so i figured i would start with the most recent interesting experience i have had which took place at my University on Sunday....

Before i go on i would like to warn any first or second year students that are doing any kind of performing degrees/courses to think very long and hard before you make your last final year project something as HUGE as what my group and I decided to do! Dont get me wrong, I am immensely proud of all of us and we had some amazing times along the way but now my body feels like what i imagine an 80year old would feel like and my mind is something along the lines of mushy peas.

Anyhooo.....this big project i speak of was a piece we named "DECIDE". It was a performance piece about peoples journeys through life and how eventually we are all heading the same way so we should not dwell on the decisions we make (something very applicable to my own life!). However, we were not acting out this journey on a stage or miming it on the streets...oh no!....we decided to build 2 MASSIVE mazes for the audience to go through (and by massive i mean they were both over 20 metres long and 6 metres wide!). One was light and one was dark but both were certainly beautiful, interesting and a-maze-ing (haha! get it?!). I will add some photos of what the mazes were like on the insides but even they dont do it justice!

What have i learnt from the experience i hear you ask? Wellllll....many things! Like never buy superglue from poundland!!! And always keep a budget sheet!!! But mainly it has confirmed my love and passion for performance, design and street art.

So yeah check out our project and lemme know what you think....BIG shout out to Chloe Sullivan, Zoe Harris, Ashleigh Greenslade and Sam Howard for making our project so wonderful, we had our fair share of ups and downs but we should all be soooo proud of what we accomplished (GO TEAM!)

It seems obvious which is good and which is bad but do not be fooled! The dark side contained a sweet lonely old woman who looked horrific but was actually very funny and the light side contained a life size doll (me!) who escaped from her room, killed the jack and got in his box! I will upload more pics of the work that i personally did for the project as the groups costume and makeup designer and hope to have a video put together some time soon also :D

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