Friday, 8 December 2017


Hey Guys!

Having a tough week but I shot this last week because it is one of my current fave outfits. It is so easy to just chuck on but feels so warm and cosy and so chic and cool at the same time! I feel like a straight up bad bitch in this look tbh...

Peace & Love xxx

Friday, 1 December 2017

Bad Ass Feminist...

Hello and welcome to my most fabulous, weird jumper...

This jumper was included in my November Favourites video on my Youtube channel which you can find here. But it has a little back story that is so cute I had to share it with you guys here on my blog. 

So, this jumper was a gift. Given to me from my brother and his girlfriend and she said to me that when they saw it they knew that i would love it and they just had to get it for me. So sweet but also such a compliment because have you seen the slogans on it?!

The fact that they saw this oddly cut, weird lengthed cool AF jumper that says BAD ASS FEMINIST on it and thought of me is just such a compliment. Super flattered. To know that you are projecting to others what you wish to be projecting about yourself (ie. for me...a bad ass feminist) just makes me so happy! 

So, I wanted to compile this post with some motivation or inspiration for you all when it comes to living your best life as a strong, fabulous woman...

Women are amazing! Know that about yourself and if you are a man...know that about women! We are capable of so much and we do so much when in almost every aspect of life we are handed less than men! Sisterhood is key! Support women, love women, cherish them because I'm telling you know we will rule the entire world soon. I can feel it happening!

Be unashamedly you. Theres only one of you for a reason! The world needs more women who are their entire authentic self and unapologetically at that!

Be as loud as you want to be. Take up as much space as you can. Make people make room for you. And make people make room for those who have less privileges than you. Be a bad ass feminist. Support those with less societal power, project their voices! 

Live courageously in your natural body and self. Forget the way the world tries to force you to change. They want that because you are powerful and unstoppable if you believe in yourself now. Just as you are. 

Walk with your head held high. Wear whatever you want! 

Don't take any shit from any man!

Love yourself and love those who deserve your love.

Respect people from all different backgrounds with different ages and races and sexual orientations. Respect all genders and all sizes. Respect those who aren't as able bodied as you. Support them all out loud. Then maybe someone will buy you a bad ass feminist jumper because they'll see it and immediately think of you ;)

Peace & Love xxx

Monday, 27 November 2017

Love me not...

Guys, I've been having a bit of a shit time recently. I just cant seem to shake this weird mood that I'm in. I'm really having to set time aside specifically for self care and here is why you should too...

The days are getting shorter and darker and colder and although thats great for my Lupus it can be bad for your mood. Plus whilst I adore everything Christmas it can be a really tough time for lots of people for loads of different reasons so we all need to take care of ourselves now more than ever.

Heres the thing, self care doesnt need to be expensive things that bloggers share that look beautiful. It can be as simple as wrapping up in your fave blanket with your fave movie on or going and getting some fresh air if you havent for a while. Whatever you feel you need in that moment to rebalance yourself. Here are some of my favourite self care tips...

If you are out of energy and feeling poorly- rest! If you've got energy but just cant shake that bad mood- go for a walk or just sit outside for a little while to get that fresh air (wrap up warm though!!)

Put your fave knitwear piece on, or your fave earrings...or both! Do your makeup or paint your nails or take a day off from all beauty regimes and do neither!

Have a bubble bath. 
Have a cup of tea or a hot chocolate.
Have a slice of cake just because.
Have a laugh with a loved one.

Get those hands busy by drawing or baking or painting! Tidy your room or play your fave games console! Get some sleep! Get a hug from someone or ya know...your pets :)

Whatever works for you. Do it. And do it a little more often whenever you feel yourself in a funk you cant shake. Thats what I am trying to do. Playing COD on the ps4, sorting through my wardrobe and eating Ben and Jerrys today have all helped that little bit to get me back on track. I hope some of these work for you too! You deserve it!

Peace & Love xxx