Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Hello Lovelies!

I am obsessed with this Beret. I am obsessed with this striped top and I am OBSESSED with black and pink as a colour combo right now!

Yes I am wearing a nightie as a dress out of the house :)
Break the mother fuckin rules!

Peace & Love xxx

Thursday, 1 March 2018



So I shot this outfit a few days ago in the snow because this Lazyoaf jumper dress is new in my wardrobe and i love it so much i couldnt wait to share it with you all! It is so cosy and i love the shade of red and the fact that it has a hood AND POCKETS!!! 

Today though I am truly exhausted so this wont be a very wordy post, i hope thats ok, i just honestly can barely type and am also feeling pretty hazy in that my brain cant seem to think straight or get ideas out into words. I think its a mix of me over-doing it the last couple weeks and also my period. EVERYTHING is worse when I am on my period!!! 

When I shot this though I was feeling proper sassypants! Can you tell?! I felt like some sort of bad ass Tekken street fighter chick here to kick ass whilst looking adorbs. I wish I felt like that today ha! 

Peace & Love xxx